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Anderson Uttech Flooring LLC is the expert when it comes to high quality wood flooring. From new installations to buff & recoats, Anderson Uttech is a name you can trust. All of the work is overseen by the owners, ensuring you will get experienced, reliable and caring people working in your home. In addition we continually deliver on schedule and with the utmost concern making sure you receive the best product possible. Our services include:








We start by taking down the flooring to raw wood. At this point we can come up with a stain color of your choosing then build the finish back up to it's original luster. We offer both water borne and oil base finishes, anywhere from a matte finish to a full gloss.


Buff and Recoat:

When you see areas of wear its time to get your flooring recoated to prevent the need to sand down to raw wood. We do a light sanding of the surface of the flooring to remove minor imperfections then apply a fresh coat of the finish of your choosing.


We serve the Twin Cities metro area.


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• Pre-finished Flooring

• Laminate Flooring

• Flooring Repairs/Patching

• New Site Sanded Flooring

• Glue Down Floors

• Custom Flooring Layouts

• Floating Floors

• Custom Borders/Medallions

• Staircase Installations

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